WOW! Possible Russian Weapons Options for AFP!


WOW! Possible Russian Weapons Options for AFP!
SV-98 Sniper Rifle
The SV-98 Sniper rifle that can be loaded with 7.62x51mm NATO
rounds if being customized. Via Wikimedia Commons
This Izhmash-produced snipers that seen action in Russian theaters of war like in Chechnya (link), such said weapons are known to be loaded with 7.62x54mmR which is prevalent in Russian arsenal. This in which can be customized a bit into the NATO-standard 7.62x51mm which only several millimeters to spare. Given the circumstances, the DND seeks to have such firearms in line with drones and helicopters where this sniper rifle will be a good candidate for an ideal weapons options to the AFP.

Dragunov SVD rifles
The Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle. Via Wikimedia Commons
This sniper rifle, like it’s SV-98 cousin, this Izhmash-produced weapons are also loaded with the same 7.62x54mmR cartridge that is prevalent in Russia. These in which can also be customized to the NATO standard 7.62x51mm cartridge that will definitely minimize or eliminate any interoperability issues with the NATO-based AFP weaponry. This in which may help the AFP’s Sniper Corps in different branches to get their jobs done.

An Afghan soldier firing a RPG-7 Rocket launcher.
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Considerably, this weapon is deemed the replacement of Philippine Army’s recoilless weapons as this MaxDefense Article is saying considerably that such weapons, albeit being designed by Russian bureaus, is being produced in the United States through the company named Airtronic USA where such rocket launcher was found out to be easy to produce considering its open-source license for each and every producer to use. It was then found out in the later updates that Airtronic will not be the one who will produce the RPG-7 to the AFP via Foreign Military Sales (FMS), but rather it is a Bulgarian Company Armaco JSC. Details from the article setting aside, it is a good thing for the Russians to offer such weaponry to the AFP where such rocket launcher is badly needed upon replacing the old ones. Albeit the official sources not reporting about this, but upon analyzation it seems that having RPG-7 on the table will be an interesting offer for the AFP to decide in due time.