Why Did The Indian Army Prefer The M777 Howitzer Over Dhanush Artillery Guns


Why Did The Indian Army Prefer The M777 Howitzer Over Dhanush Artillery Guns
This video shows you that Why Did The Indian Army Prefer The M777 Howitzer Over Dhanush Artillery Guns.

Purchase of military equipment in India is a complex issue and acquiring the weapons take a long time because of the guidelines set for defence procurement.

Several military experts have time and again called for streamlining the process, and the work in this direction is in progress.

When it comes to purchasing artillery guns, defence apparatus had to be extra cautious as the previous purchase some three decades back had spiralled out into a major political issue as it involved Bofors guns.

In May 2017, Indian Army received the first two ultra-light howitzers from the US as part of an order for 145 long-range guns. Ministry of Defence had cleared the proposal for buying 145 guns for US$660 million on 11 May 2012.

About M77 Howitzer ::

The M777 is manufactured by BAE Systems’ Global Combat Systems division. It is a 155mm ultra light howitzer manufactured by the UK based company having 70 to 90% of USA made components. It is a tested and proven on different conditions from mountainous to plains and performed at its peak in all temperatures may it be 50 or -2 degree Celsius.

Why it was preferred over indigenously developed Dhanush ?

To answered this, we must delve into specifications of both the guns. Dhanush, developed by Ordnance Factories Board, is a 155 caliber gun capable of targeting enemy posts up to 38 kms.

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