War Robots AVENGER 🔥 punish them heavily | WR NEW WEAPON update 4.0


War Robots AVENGER 🔥 punish them heavily | WR NEW WEAPON update 4.0
Watch new weapon in War Robots Avenger in action on new map Rome. All of this in WR update 4.0 which is almost here! Punish them heavily with this heavy “Punisher”! 💪

STAY TUNED to what’s next in War Robots 🤔

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🔥 Multiplayer 6v6 online shooter with giant war robots 🔥

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Imagine that nuclear power is safe now. Humanity can now treat radiation contamination easily and nuclear reactors are being installed even in ordinary cars. Fear of radiation and program of nuclear deterrence are in the past. But the world is being thrown into a devastating war for power. Leading countries devour smaller ones, joining up in alliances and dividing the world into zones of influence. World turns into a huge battlefield for the new generation of high-end military weapons — War Robots. Scorched planes and burnt down cities become the perfect background for the madness these times unfolded. You are a yesterday’s graduate from a robot pilots academy. You’ve got a new robot and only one order: Destroy the enemy! Now it’s all up to you!

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