USA INDIA AND RUSSIA VS PAKISTAN AND CHINA (Military Power Comparison) | 2016 2017


USA INDIA AND RUSSIA VS PAKISTAN AND CHINA (Military Power Comparison) | 2016 2017
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Shows Pakistan and India military Strength (Air force, Army & Navy) full comparison. Video shows Pakistan and India military power in very interesting way.
Pakistan and India forces sizes, aircraft, tanks, missiles power, nuclear arms, ships, helicopters, submarines, frigates and other military equipment has been presented in video.

Pakistan Army size strength
Pakistan air force size and strength
pakistan navy size

Pakistani warships
Pakistan nuclear weapons 2016
Pakistani missiles range
Pakistani air force aircraft
Pakistani jf-17
Pakistani submarines
pakistani tanks

India warships
India nuclear weapons 2016
Indian missiles range
Indian air force aircraft
Indian Tejas aircraft
Indian submarines
Indian army tanks
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