US Weapons In South Korea Against North Korea In 2017.


US Weapons In South Korea Against North Korea In 2017.
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US Weapons In South Korea Against North Korea In 2017.

Donald Trump should BLOCKADE North Korea and shoot down any missile test by ‘madman’ Kim Jong-un, ex Navy SEAL says
Carl Higbie, a former member of the elite Navy SEAL Team 10, warned: ‘We’re dealing with a madman’
It comes as Kim Jong-un displayed his terrifying military arsenal during Day of the Sun parades marking the 105th anniversary of his grandfather’s birth.
Scenes from Pyongyang showed tens of thousands of goose-stepping soldiers marching through the streets surrounded by tanks and fearsome intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).
Tensions on the peninsula have hit a new high as tough-talking Trump warned he was ready to “deal with” the North amid rumours it is planning a sixth nuclear test.
Carl, a former member of the elite Navy SEAL Team 10 who now works in political consulting, said: “We’re dealing with a madman.
“He’s never been told he’s wrong, he’s never been told he can’t have something, can’t do something. He governs based on the fact he thinks he can walk on water.
“I’ve said from day one – if he launches a missile we should shoot it down, if he launches another we should destroy the complex it came from and continue doing that until there’s nothing left.
“I would recommend an entire blockade of the entire country. If they are going to test a nuclear weapon we need to respond with equal force.
“I would park carrier battle groups off the coast of North Korea and advise them that the second they blink wrong, we’ll wipe their military off the map.”
Carl said Trump’s military options included a full-scale military intervention and insurgent raids like that which took out Osama bin Laden in 2011.
“If all options are on the table, one is a ground assault which is completely ruled out. He does have a 700,000 standing person army.
“We can have tactical strikes. And you have insurgent attacks, an insurgent assassination which would be very difficult to do based on the level of security around him.
“The tactical strikes are our best bet.
“We’re either in it or not so the second we unleash that we need to be ready for their retaliation, including nuclear attack, which I believe he is crazy enough to do.
“If you strike, it has to be a large scale military and include allies in it as well. This is not just a single target strike like in Syria.
“We have to destabilise their military because god forbid if one of those nuclear missiles goes off. He’s crazy enough to do it.”
“Nobody wants to go to war with an entire country, we will if we have to, but his threats, they are legitimate and need to be dealt with on some level.
“If they tested a nuclear weapon, they have demonstrated against all international agreements that they are not prepared to live within the confines of humanity.
“This is something that has been developing for decades. The Obama administration did not have the fortitude to stand firm on it.”
He added that a crucial component of any conflict would be turning local public opinion against Kim Jong-un.
“His army have been propaganda-ed to believe the US is an evil culture and they have no reason to question that.
“Every publication is harmonious in saying the west is bad. We have to break that propaganda.
“I genuinely believe that done properly, we could degrade the desire of his army to fight for him by making them (understand) where we’re coming from and making them believe he’s a madman that is going to get them killed.”

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