US Navy Tests Hypersonic Weapons That Could Hit Anywhere on Earth in an Hour


US Navy Tests Hypersonic Weapons That Could Hit Anywhere on Earth in an Hour
Navy Tests Hypersonic Weapons That Could Hit Anywhere on Earth in an Hour

The U.S. Navy is testing technology that could deliver a conventional warhead anywhere on Earth in as little as an hour. As first reported by US Naval Institute News, the Navy performed a flight test last week featuring Prompt Global Strike, a hypersonic weapon system designed to give the U.S. the ability to quickly strike targets worldwide with almost no notice.

Interest in very long range precision-guided weapons surfaced in 2001, when the George W. Bush Administration expressed interest in “offensive strike” weapons. The idea was to field a ballistic missile or some other kind of high-speed long-range missile with a conventional, high explosive warhead. This way, the U.S. could hit targets virtually anywhere based on time-sensitive information in situations where aircraft carriers, bombers, and other U.S. assets could not respond in time.

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