US Marines Shooting French Famas and Other Weapons System (FN Minimi)


US Marines Shooting French Famas and Other Weapons System (FN Minimi)
Detachment from 5th Marine Regiment did a weapons familiarization with french weapons systems with the 21st Marine Infantry Regiment (21E RIMA).

The FAMAS (French acronym original name: F usil d ‘A ssaut M anufacture d’ A rm of S t-Étienne, “Assault Rifle Manufacturing of Weapons of St-Étienne”) is an assault rifle with configuration bullpup designed and manufactured in France by the arms factory of Saint-Étienne , which is a member of the French resort owned Nexter (formerly Giat Industries) . It is one of the rifles of service that uses the French army .

Development began in 1967 under the direction of Paul Tellie and completed the first prototype was developed in 1971. The military assessment of the rifle began in 1972, the French army finally accepted the rifle in 1978 as a standard weapon. After adopting the FAMAS (designated FAMAS F1) replaced the old semi-automatic rifle MAS-49 and SMG MAT-49 .

They were produced about 400,000 FAMAS F1 assault rifles after Giat Industries replaced the FAMAS FAMAS F1 for the new G1. The G1 included several minor improvements as the area redesigned grip and elongated in the trigger guard.

The G1 was a provisional model, which was soon improved and called FAMAS G2. The G2 appeared in 1994 and was acquired by the French navy in 1995.

By late 2006, however, the French Army continued with F1. No change to the model G2 that expected for the next version: FAMAS Félin.

The FN Minimi (Mini-gun) is a machine gun designed by the national light factory Herstal in Belgium ( FN Herstal ) in the 1970s . This gun is chambered in 5.56mm NATO , specifically the SS109 cartridge was originally created for it. The ammunition used in the assault rifles is less powerful and is therefore far less ammunition generally used in machine guns averages, but it is also less bulky and therefore offers a more mobile weapon that can be handled by one man. In addition, it has a significant firepower, allowing it to provide effective support, the defensive and offensive standpoint.

This machine gun gas loan is designed to support the FN MAG , not to replace it. In a section of combat machine gun typically found general support ( FN MAG , M60E4 or AAT 52 ) and two FN Minimi for support.

Also known as the M249 SAW (modified version for the US Army ), she appeared in many movies and video games , including Counter Strike . SAW is the acronym for Squad Automatic Weapon.

A version pulling the cartridge 7.62 x 51 NATO has been developed and is including service in the French Army.

Thumbnail credit: Kristian Karsten, modified by Daily Military Defense & Archive

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