US develops secret ‘ninja’ bomb R9X missile full of blades that shred militants alive


US develops secret ‘ninja’ bomb R9X missile full of blades that shred militants alive
THE US military has developed a secret “ninja” bomb packed with BLADES designed to shred militants and anything in its tracks alive.

The weapon – nicknamed the “ninja” bomb – deploys knives in the shape of a halo and is designed to target specific individuals while limiting civilian casualties in the surrounding area.

It is reportedly only to be employed in specific circumstances – such as when a senior terrorist leader has been pinpointed, but other weapons would risk killing innocent bystanders.

Details of the weapon were leaked by military sources, who believe it could improve the image of the US military as it shows an effort to reduce collateral damage.

Former US President Barack Obama ordered the development of a non-explosive missile after innocent civilians in Muslim countries were repeatedly dying via explosions by conventional US warheads.

Terrorist leaders who knew that the American military was trying to target them with drone-launched missiles were increasingly hiding among groups of women and children to deter attacks.

Armed with knives rather than explosives, the R9X missile deploys six blades just before impact which fan out from the body and can cut through metal.

America develops secret ‘ninja’ bomb packed with BLADES that shreds militants alive:

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