Unbelievable Abandoned Military Projects


Unbelievable Abandoned Military Projects
In order to have the upper edge over an enemy, militaries might come up with some secret projects in order to keep the element of surprise alive and well. There maybe plenty of projects that don’t know about but many over time will become forgotten about, until now….

From projects that involve creating a human chimp hybrid devised by the soviets, to things you’d only imagine in sci fi films here are unbelievable abandoned military projects.

13. Goliath Tracked Mine
If you’re familiar with the RC-XD from call of duty, you should probably meet it’s great grandfather known as the goliath tracked mine. This unmanned demolition vehicle was electrically powered and carried anywhere from 130 to 220 pounds of high explosives depending on the model. They were meant to be used in order to attack enemy tanks, disrupt infantry formations, demolishing bridges or other strategic buildings. Built by the Germans, these reached the frontlines in 1942 and a few were even used against the allies. Most of the time, they failed to reach their targets but they could inflict a lot of damage when they actually did. The project wasn’t continued by the Germans and it ended service in 1945 but similar technology still exists as you’ve probably noticed.

12. VT Tank
What’s better than a tank with one measly cannon? How about a tank with two cannons that can fire simultaneously!? This twin-gun turretless main battle tank was first produced in 1974 and was a joint project between Great Britain and Germany. It required a 4 man crew to operate and used a powerful v12 engine. The main reason this was being developed was to reach a higher weapon efficiency and increase the possibility of hitting the target. Due to some drawbacks in practicality and the uprising of the leopard 2 tank, the project was halted but it was definitely an interesting concept.

11. Heavy Super Tank
Towards the of the invasion of the Pacific, the americans were constructing these massive super tanks in order to invade the mainland of Japan. They weigh 100 tons each and would have fired a large 105 millimeter cannon and would have almost been used mostly as some type of artillery piece. It performed well in tests especially against concrete and would reduced fortifications to rubble in a matter of seconds. Only putting out a speed of 8 miles an hour, it certainly didn’t have the speed they were looking for but it definitely possessed the firepower. The armor was extremely thick for compared to other tanks at that time containing 12 inches of steel in the front.

10. The Battle Mole
Imagine a vehicle that could travel through water, on land and go underground by mechanically drilling its way to it’s next target! Sounds pretty insane right? The soviets had an interesting idea with this one. Also known as the Subterrene, this experiment vehicle could successfully move underground at a speed of about 3 miles an hour. The goal of it would be to travel underground, detonate explosives under enemy military installations, which would then cause an earthquake and destroy a bunch of things up above. It also ran on Nuclear power and the first test proved to be successful, destroying an test target bunker covering a range of 6 miles. Everyone was quite amazed and they thought they came up with some kind of secret super device. They were wrong, during the 2nd test, the whole thing blew up and it was never tested again