UK Shooting & Firearm Ownership Explained!


UK Shooting & Firearm Ownership Explained!
TFB TV pairs up with Callum from English Shooting, a British Channel devoted to discussing the shooting sports in the United Kingdom. Callum talks about the differences between a Firearms and Shotgun Certificate, the various options out there when it comes to semi-automatic, pump action shotguns in addition to all things .22 LR which is very popular in Britain due to the laws not covering the cartridge. In addition we receive some excellent information on the cap & ball firearms in the UK, which are also extremely popular.

But overall we learned that our friends across the pond have just as much enthusiasm and passion for firearms as in the United States, despite many of the politics and laws that they must abide by. We hope you find this episode entertaining and take back something that you didn’t know about the British civilian shooting scene!

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