Top 7 Secret Military Weapons


Top 7 Secret Military Weapons
In the past, we’ve covered some rather interesting uses of power the governments of the world seem to like to take advantage of. From crazy and controversial initiatives to hushed programs – security and intelligence has always been at the forefront of a governing body’s mind. When it comes to weapons and machinery, the military tends to not cut any corners – and often will get a little TOO unique for their own good. From some of the most terrifying devices to other defensive strategies that just didn’t quite make it past the research and development phase – let’s take a look at seven of the craziest, scariest and just plain whacked out secret military weapons.

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7 – Hypersonic Weapons
6 – Luftfaust
5 – Pulsed Energy Projectile Gun
4 – Laser Induced Plasma Channel
3 – The Heat Ray
2 – The Superhero Exoskeleton
1 – Project Habakkuk

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