Top 7 Air Defence Missile System of Indian Army 2016


Top 7 Air Defence Missile System of Indian Army 2016
Top 7 Air Defence Missile System of Indian Army 2016

7) SA-8 Gecko 9K3 OSA 6×6 Amphibious Surface-to-Air Missile System
The 9K33 Osa is a highly mobile, low-altitude, short-range tactical surface-to-air missile system. Its reporting name in the West is SA-8 Gecko. This air defense system was used by motorized infantry units.Currently the Osa and its variants are used by 19 countries, including Russia (400), Belarus, Greece (39), India (48), Poland (64) and Ukraine.
The SA-8 Gecko is intended for defence on troops on the march and in mobile combat, as well as of strategic ground facilities against air strikes delivered by manned or unmanned air vehicles flying at low and medium altitudes.
6)Tangushka SA-19 “Grison” Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Weapon
Tunguska-M1 is a gun/missile system for low-level air defence. The system was designed by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau in Tula, Russia and is manufactured by the Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant, Ulyanovsk, Russia. It can engage targets while stationary and on the move, using missiles for long-range targets and guns for close-in defence.
Indian Army Currently have 132-184 number of 9K22 Tunguska Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Weapon in Service.
5)SA-13 Gopher or 9k35 Strela-10 Surface-To-Air Missile
The 9k35 Strela-10 is a self propelled SAM System of Sovient Origin.In the West this system is better known as NATO Reporting SA-13 Gopher. BRDM chassis like the 9K31, the 9K35 is mounted on a more mobile tracked, modified MT-LB, with more room for equipment and missile reloads. Provision for amphibious capability is provided in some variants in the form of polyurethane-filled floats.
Indian Army currenlty have more than 250 9K35 Strela-10 (SA-12 Gopher) in service.
4)Kub Missile SA-Gainful Surface-to-Air Missile
The SA-6 GAINFUL (2K12 KUB/KVADRAT) is a two stage, solid-fuel, low-altitude SAM. The 3M9 KUB self-propelled surface-to-air tactical low-altitude anti-aircraft missile system is intended for destruction of aircraft, missiles, cruise missiles and assault helicopters at low to medium altitudes.
The SA-6 low altitude surface to air missile uses radio command guidance immediately after launch, switching to semi-active radar homing in the terminal phase.
Indian Army Currenlty have more than 180 Kub SA-6 Gainful Surface-To-Air missile in service.
3)Akash SAM Surface-to-Air Missile

Akash is a medium-range mobile surface-to-air missile defence system developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO),Bharat Dynamics Limites (BDL) for missile system,Ordnance Factories board and Bharat electronics(BEL) for other systems in India.
The Akash SAM can operate autonomously and engage and neutralise different aerial targets simultaneously.
Indian Army Currently have 3000 Akash Surface-to-Surface missile in service and more on order.
2)Barak-8 Long range Anti-Missile Naval Defence System
Naval Barak-8 is a long-range anti-air and anti-missile naval defence system being developed jointly by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) of India. Surface-to-air missiles (SAM) designed to defend against any type of airborne threat including aircraft, helicopters, anti-ship missiles, and UAVs as well as cruise missiles and combat jets.
The missile is capable of intercepting supersonic sea-skimming anti-ship missiles and high altitudes targets. It is also capable of successfully dealing with simultaneous threats engagements, even in severe saturation scenarios
1)S 400 Triumph Air Defence Missile System
The S-4000 Triumph (Western designation SA-21 Growler) is an air defence missile system developed by Almaz Central Design bureau of Russia.It is an upgrade of the S-300 family and replaced the S-300P and S-200 air defence systems of the Russian Army.
The S-400 Triumph can engage all types of aerial targets including aircrafts,unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV),and ballistic and cruise missile within the range of 400-600 km.The system also capable of engaging stealth aircraft at an altitude of up to 56 km.The system can simultaneously engage 36 targets at one time.