Top 10 Most INSANE Weapons Ever Invented!


Top 10 Most INSANE Weapons Ever Invented!
Top 10 Most INSANE Weapons Ever Invented! From ancient rapid-fire arrows to the strangest of tank designs…stay tuned to number 1 to find out the MOST insane military weapons in history.

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Number 10: The Macuahuitl.
Dual action weapons are always a great choice for battle. Ones that can cut an adversary and bash their head in are especially helpful when fighting in close combat. The Macuahuitl was just that for the Aztecs.
This thing was definitely intimidating, to say the least. A simple looking weapon, the Macuahuitl was one part jagged slicer and one part thick wooden club. The sides were covered with sharp volcanic rock, so it wasn’t good for stabbing like a sword, but excellent for shredding flesh off an enemy.
Thankfully, the clubbing action was more commonly used in battle by the Aztecs, where the thick wooden mallet of this thing could knock out a sizeable animal, and easily take down a human being. The Aztecs liked this ability, as it allowed them to drag their enemies back to camp to be used in ritual sacrifices.
On second thought, maybe the jagged slicing action would have been a better way to lose the fight.
Number 9: The Apache Helicopter.
The Apache line of attack helicopters has been a popular choice for the US Army for decades. While the Army usually only consists of ground troops, this helicopter from Hades packs a punch that the on-the-ground troops certainly appreciate for air support.
The Apache helicopter has pretty much everything the Army needs: missiles for long distance shots, cannons for shorter range, and sensors to help find the enemy. Basically, this thing can quickly clear the way for the ground troops to do their work, and help them do it much faster and safer than they would have otherwise.
One of the best aspects of the Apache is that the Army owns and operates each one. This makes things easier, as they don’t have to tag team with another division of the military to call in the support. With the Apache being an in-house product, the Army can take care of business swiftly and without any communication issues, making it even more effective a weapon and even more frightening for the enemy.
Number 8: The M-2 Machine Gun.
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Machine guns are always a popular choice when going to war. But, it’s hard to believe that a gun invented for World War II would be any good in the modern era, but the M-2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun has stood the test of time…and for good reason. This rapid-fire blaster is insanely powerful and has never let the US down.
The M-2 basically has the power of a small, handheld cannon. It has been used for shooting at enemy troops on the ground, enemy vehicles in the field, and enemy aircraft in the sky. Not a lot of weapons can say they are good for three different sizes of bad guy.
The newer models of the M-2, known as the M2A1 have even more features to help win a war. This model features a flash hiding suppressor so troops can use it in the dark and not give away their location due to the flash of light from each shot. It also boasts a quick-change barrel, and much faster reload times than its predecessor. With stats like these, it’s unlikely the military will ever retire the M-2 line of machine guns.
Number 7: The Ball Tank.
The Ball Tank is just what it sounds like: A large hamster wheel with soldiers inside, rolling through the battlefield shooting at the enemy. If nothing else, the visual alone could surprise the bad guys and scare them off.
The weapon was great in terms of defense. Up to 3 soldiers could fit inside this impenetrable ball, fully protected, and get very close to enemy lines without a problem. However, the Ball Tank was not that great in terms of offense. The guns were never pointing in one direction for long enough to get off a good shot. Sometimes you shoot into the air, sometimes into the ground and occasionally a lucky shot at the enemy.
To make thing worse, the Ball Tank had no windows, so the guys inside could never know if the next shot will hit a foe or a friend. Needless to say, nobody wants to fight aside a rolling ball of death that shoots at complete random.
The Ball Tank didn’t last long and the military opted for better options…like full size tanks with windows.