Top 10 Indian Military Powerful Weapons


Top 10 Indian Military Powerful Weapons
This Video is base on Top 10 Indian Military Powerful Weapons
you can check out the heavy weapons of India.
India is one of the most growing Militarizes country in the World
have evolved form a regional force with tactical capabilities to a growing strategic force with global reach.

Top 10 Indian Military Powerful Weapons are as Follows
10.PINAKA MLRS :the Pinaka was the Indian long- range replacement for the vitage BM-21 grad MLRS (Multiple launch Rocket system) and 40 km Range mounted on an 8*8 truck with NBC protection.
9.PAD/ AAD BALLISTIC MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEM: It was first announced and has come a long way since , PAD PROTHVI AIR DEFENCE AAD Advance air defence
8.NAMICA (NAG MISSILE CARRIER:This weapons is Develpoed by india . the core of the sustem is the 3rd generation Nag Anti-Tank Missile mounted on a modified BMP-2 chassis. the Nag Missiles armored box launcher plus a futher 8 reload and these missiles are fire and forgot and have top-attack capability
7.P-81 NEPTURE : India Has a 7500 km long Coastline And hundreds of islands whish need to protection. where the P-81 comes in for excellent endrance and sensor suite which is unqualled by any other ASW aircaft
6.T-90s BHEESHMA: Indian army chose the T-90s as thier replacement. they were first procured hurriedly form russia in response to its neighbor’s attempt to purchase the t-80 and abrams tanks
5.INS VIKRAMADITYA AND KOLKATA CLASS DESTROYES : the 5th place is tied between india’s advanced kolkata class destoryes and it’s air craft carrries ins
4.PhALCON AWACS : India was late in entering the Airbornesystem Early warning and control/
3.INS CHAKRA : Long Range Underwater escort for the carriesrs and destroyers. INS Chakra is modifield for indian needs and klb anti-ship missiles witch can be fired form 8*5333 mm

2.BRAHMOS MISSILE : this is a undoubtedly the most famoues weapon that india has. it was the result of a joint venture between india and russia this 9m long missile which weighs 32 tons has now bcome the backbone of the indian Defence forces as a long-range standoff weapon.
1.SU-30MKI:this this is one of the aircraft that has defind the indian Air Force in the 21st Century, it’s the Su-30MK Form russia was modified with French, israeli abd indain avionics to create the utimate su-30 variant for india . this is the very powerful air’craft

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