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There have been many historical battles during World War I and II. Many of these battles were famously recorded and along with that history, many military tanks and ships were lost and destroyed… and some of these war machines ended up vanishing without a trace. However, some of these relics of war have surfaced once again and you’re going to be amazed at what was found. Join us as we look at these awesome 10 Most Incredible Military Finds.

– Musashi battleship
The Japanese battleships, the Musashi and the Yamato, were two of the largest battleships ever built. The Japanese knew they couldn’t match the number of ships that the U.S. had at the time. So they built two of the biggest and heavily armored battleships ever, and they firmly believed that these two ships could not be destroyed.

– WW1 British Tank
At dawn on November 20, 1917, an armada of almost 500 British tanks, or what were called ‘landships’ at the time, emerged from the mists to wage the famous Battle of Cambria. It was the first time in history where tanks were used with air support. One of those charging tanks was found and unearthed in 1998.

– U-534 Submarine
Salvaged in 1993, the U-534 German WW2 Submarine is one of only a handful of German submarines that survived. The submarines patrols finally came to an end on May 5, 1945 when U-534 was attacked by two Consolidated B-24 Liberator anti-submarine bombers from the RAF Coastal Command, and using depth charges, ended up sinking the boat, but not before she downed one of the planes with her anti-aircraft guns.

– ISU-152
The ISU-152 is a Soviet heavy tank and was considered a tank destroyer and was equipped with a 152 millimeter self-propelled gun. It was a fearsome machine and the Germans had a name for it which meant ‘the can opener’.

German Panther Tank
In 2015, a German Panther Tank was discovered along with other hidden weapons in the cellar of a villa in Berlin. Police searched the property where the tank was found alongside some other WW2 weapons of war. The interesting story about this tank is that the owner of the villa held the weapon illegally under Germany’s law of controlling the possession of instruments of war.

– UB-II submarine –
The German made UB-II submarines from World War One were built in 1915 and 1916 and were able to dive to a depth of only 50 meters. In September of 2017, a UB-II submarine was discovered off the Belgian coast and lying at a depth of just 30-meters below the water’s surface.

– T-34/76 Tank
The T-34/76 was produced at the Stalingrad Tractor Factory and was a Soviet medium tank that was introduced during the second world war, and was feared by the German army. In fact, one German general called it “the finest tank in the world”. While that may have been true at the time, it’s not known how this T-34 ended up in the Don River in south Russia

AE1 submarine
The AE1 was an Australian Navy Submarine that had been in operation for only seven months. His Majesty’s Australian Submarine AE1, or HMAS AE1 for short, was launched in the yard of Vickers Ltd. at Barrow-in-Furness, England on May 22, 1913. She was the first of two E Class submarines built for the fledgling Royal Australian Navy.

WW2 Valentine Tank
The Infantry Tank Mk III Valentine was the most built British tank of the Second World War, and over 8,000 were built between 1940 and 1944. Developed by Vickers, it proved to be both strong and reliable. One of these tanks was discovered in a swamp near the River Warta in Western Poland.

German STuG IV (please make sure you use the topic title in the video exactly as written with under case ‘u’ as this is correct – Tank experts will be watching and waiting for us to screw up)
There is another story of a tank crew that tried to cross a frozen river during World War II but didn’t make it. The STuG IV was a German assault gun variant of the Panzer IV used in the latter part of the Second World War.

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