The 5 Most Badass British Military Machines


The 5 Most Badass British Military Machines
Here’re The 5 Most Badass British Military Machines.

UK Apache Helicopter
This is awesome. It can be fully-automated, combining the computer, radar to identify, prioritise. all with no human intervention, that’s kinda-scary.

Challenger II Tank
This is awesome. The Chally holds the record, for the world’s longest-distance tank, at five freaking-kilometres. Think about it, where you can barely see a bus. That’s just insane.

F-35 Stealth Fighter-Jet
This is awesome. F35’s are fully digital, doing-away with all the dials in the cockpit.

Jackal Recce Vehicle
This is awesome. Thanks to super-clever-armour on the bottom of the car, if it hits a mine, it’s so well protected. that the occupants, will be able to stand-up, and walk away. Which is handy.

BAE Adaptive Tank
This is awesome. Although it’s only been tried on land-vehicles so far, BAE plans on putting it on helicopters, and ships next. so, true stealth-ships maybe aren’t so far away.