STRANGEST And CRAZIEST Modern Weapons Today!


STRANGEST And CRAZIEST Modern Weapons Today!
Check out the strangest and craziest modern weapons today! This top 10 list of amazing guns has some of the weirdest scifi weapons you won’t believe actually exist! The future is now!

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The PHASR is a non-lethal weapon designed by the US Air Force to use as an alternative to other more lethal alternatives. Meaning ‘Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response’, it uses an array of lasers to temporarily dazzle a target, without causing permanent harm.

9. Vortex Ring Gun
You’ve probably seen or used a vortex style gun before- they have been available as toys for years, which allow you to shoot rings of smoke, or pulses of air from plastic devices from a toy store. I personally never had any of these kinds of toys as a kid so I have no idea. But the technology can be taken to a much more powerful level, which is what we should worry about.

8. The Vomit Gun
The military is always trying to develop new weapons and they can pretty creative. One of the strangest, grossest, and funniest ones-depending on your sense of humor- has to be the vomit gun. As the name would suggest, it has the potential to make the target feel quite queasy and is one of a range of non-lethal weapons designed to incapacitate people.

7. Project Babylon
Project Babylon was a weapon that was commissioned by Saddam Hussein in 1988 and, because of its ambitions, would have made it one of the craziest weapons to ever have been built.

6. Robo-Dog
Animals have been used by militaries for centuries— Hannibal rode on elephants, Pigeons were used to send messages in the second world war, and even dolphins have been trained to carry out underwater missions- but as we enter the world of new technologies, a new breed of canine assistant has been developed by the Pentagon- The Robo-Dog.

5. The Taser Shockwave
Tasers have been a familiar sight for police officers and militaries for decades now- and the chances are that quite a few of you that are watching this video will have either been tasered yourselves or at least seen it happen to someone on COPS.

4. Magpul FMG-9
The Magpul FMG-9, also known as the ‘Glock in a box’, is a foldable machine gun. It’s a 9mm Parabellum mini SMG that uses a Glock 17 slide, and any standard Glock 9mm magazine- and, while folded, is designed to look like a portable radio or computer. In just one smooth action, this seemingly innocuous box can unfurl itself and be ready to use in an instant.

3. The Pain Ray
If you’re shot by a normal gun, one of the things you’ll definitely feel is pain- it’s one of the most debilitating effects of being shot- but what if you could cause the pain reaction in someone without having to risk permanent damage or death in the process?

2. Smart Guns
With continual technological improvements being made everywhere in the worlds around us, it’s perhaps no surprise that manufacturers are beginning to make smart guns that assist their users with shooting them. The German manufacturer, Armatix LLC, has been at the fore of this developing market and has released two models in the US- although restrictions have been put on their sale.

1. Lightning Cannon
The Laser-Induced Plasma Channel, or LIPC, is a new weapon that’s designed for use against targets that conduct electricity better than the air or water surrounding them- namely metallic objects like cars, planes, boats, or unexploded ordnance.

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