Self Defense Weapons


Self Defense Weapons
Many, particularly women, inquire with us these days about hand guns — how to use them for self defense, what is the best one to buy, easy to use and so on. So in this video we are going to evaluate 3 different types of pistols – full size, compact, sub compact and also one revolver, all of them excellent weapons of choice when it comes to self defense.

Glock 19

We are going to start of with the Glock 19, a commonly used weapon, made in Austria, used by commandos and police officers. In India, this weapon system is used by the NSG, SPG, Navy Marcos, almost all elite Indian commando forces. Excellent weapon, employs the 9mm ammo, the cartridge holding 15-17 rounds. The loading process is standard. You take 15 rounds and push it into the mag tube till the spring feels full. Then you grip the pistol with your dominant hand and slide the magazine in. Then place your finger over the frame and pull the slide back. Now you will see how I am holding the pistol while discharging it. Firing with one hand casually, only works in Bollywood movies, as you will loose all accuracy due to the recoil and the resulting lack of trigger control. After emptying the magazine, your slide will rest back. Release magazine for reloading. Its also a good safety practice to check if the chamber is empty.

Berretta 96

Next is the berretta 96, very commonly used in the military and police. This is a weapon commonly used in Indian movies, so it will look familiar. As the name suggests, the weapon is of Italian origin. Most commonly used by police forces and paramilitary forces in India. This is a double action gun, although I am not getting into details what is means. Uses the standard 0.40 S&W cartridges. The loading process is fairly similar to the Glock. Release the magazine, fill the tube with 17 or so rounds, rack tap into the gun, pull the slide, and you are ready to fire. Since this is a much heavier weapon, the recoil is much less and it’s much easier to handle. Of course, due to its size, its difficult to conceal such a weapon. Once you have emptied the magazine, the slide will rest back. You can then release the magazine and make sure the chamber is empty. As I mentioned before this is a good safety practice.

Ruger LCP

Next evaluated pistol is the semi auto Ruger LCP, which is a subcompact pocket pistol. Ruger is of course and American company. This pistol seldom has any users in the military or police. It is a domestic ultra light defensive pistol. Uses the 380 automatic colt pistol cartridge. You can get one for less than $400, and this makes it a weapon of choice of self defense, particularly by women, as it is tiny and come in pink. However, it is a very difficult weapon to fire, as the recoil is quite high for a beginner to handle, and its magazine capacity is just 7. Operation is quite similar to the Glock single action automatic pistol.

S&W 442

Our last handgun to review is a S&W revolver. This is a double action only gun because the hammer is internal. Its made in the United States and seldom has any purposes other than domestic, self defense, sport and recreation. Uses the 38 caliber Smith and Wesson Special Cartridge. The cylinder holds 5 rounds of ammo in its chambers, quite enough for self defense purposes. Pretty easy gun to load, and discharge, particularly due to its limited capacity. Again it is worth seeing how I am holding the gun while firing. The weapon is held firmly with both hands, with my elbows locked. The 38 caliber does create a significant amount of recoil, making this handgun moderately difficult to handle. Unloading process is quite simple, you simply press on the cylinder release button and drop out the empty cartridges. The weapon is then ready to reload and once again ready for action.

We appreciate you watching our self defense videos, and sincerely hope you attend our classes on self defense, first aid or disaster response