Russia’s Show Of Weapons To Philippines


Russia’s Show Of Weapons To Philippines
Russia’s Show Of Weapons
To Philippines.

Russia to display military hardware at exhibition in Philippines for first time.
MOSCOW, September 25. /TASS/. Russia’s arms exporter Rosoboronexport (an affiliate of Rostec) will for the first time bring a common exposition of Russian defense manufacturers in the Philippines at the ADAS-2018 show in Manila on September 26-28.

“The company will bring to the Asian Defense, Security & Crisis Management Exhibition and Conference (ADAS-2018) defense industry products that are most relevant in the Southeast Asian realities,” Rosoboronexport’s press-service said.

Rosoboronexport is the organizer of the common Russian exposition at ADAS-2018. The company will present more than 300 samples of weapons and military equipment of Russian manufacture for all arms and services.

The company mentioned a number of aircraft it regards as the most promising ones for the air forces of Southeast Asian countries, such as highly maneuverable multirole fighters Sukhoi-35 and Sukhoi-30SME, combat and training plane Yakovlev-130, combat and transport helicopter Mi-35M, light multirole helicopter Ka-226T and military transport helicopter Mi-171Sh.

In the air defense segment the Asian countries have displayed the greatest interest in the missile and artillery system Pantsir-S1 and man-portable missile Igla-S. Other items of interest are Kalashnikov-100 series automatic rifles and armored vehicles, for instance, mechanized infantry combat vehicle BMP-3 and armored personnel carrier BT-3F. The diesel-electric submarine of project 636, frigate Gepard-3.9 and a variety of boats are on offer for the naval forces.

Rosoboronexport proposes cooperation in designing and building small and ultra-small submarines. The company hopes to hold a tight business program at the ADAS-2018 show, which will bring together no less than 7,500 business visitors and about 145 participating companies representing 54 countries.

Source: tass

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