Russian nuclear weapons: Barguzin missile-carrying nuke trains expected to be deployed in 2019


Russian nuclear weapons: Barguzin missile-carrying nuke trains expected to be deployed in 2019
After announcing last year that nuclear trains, which had previously been banned, would be revived, Russia’s military has now confirmed the trains are expected to be put into service in 2019.

The nuclear trains, dubbed Berguzin after the strong eastern wind that blows over the Lake Baikal, aim to counter US’s Conventional Prompt Global Strike project, which would give the Pentagon the capability of launching attacks and precision strikes at any target in the world in one hour.

The Berguzins, which act as mobile platforms to transport and launch nuclear missiles, will be able carry up to 6 RS-24 Yars missiles, the International Business Times reported.

According to RT, Yars missiles can reportedly carry four warheads for a total yield of between 0.4 and 1.2 megatons.

While the missiles are less destructive than their predecessors, the Molodets missiles, they are more accurate, have a greater range and weigh roughly half as much.

The lighter weight means that trains on which they are loaded do not require reinforced wheel-sets to carry the load.

This may make it harder for enemy spy satellites to identify the trains, as the carriages can be easily disguised as refrigerator cars.

Once the trains are deployed, Russia will be in possession of 36 megatons of mobile and ready-to-fire nuclear missiles.


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