Russian Military Victory Day Parade 2016 Best Weapons Red Square moscow


Russian Military Victory Day Parade 2016 Best Weapons Red Square moscow
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The V-Day parade has always been a prestigious event for the Russian corps — and that includes the choice of defense technologies developed in the country’s design bureaus, of which the finest are brought to the forefront.
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Over 11,000 servicemen from all the branches of the Russian armed forces marched through Moscow’s central square to mark the 68 year of WWII Victory.
Over 11,000 troops, 101 military hardware and 68 fighter jets and helicopters have taken part in the parade on Moscow’s Red Square – the biggest event among thousands underway in Russia to celebrate WWII victory. MORE INFO & PHOTOS:…………
Sukhoi Su-25
Sukhoi SU-27 aircrafts
Sukhoi Su-34 (“Fullback”)
Tupolev Tu-160
Multirole fighters MiG-29 (“Fulcrum”)
MiG-29 (“Fulcrum”)
Antonov An-124 Ruslan (“Condor”)
Ka-50 “Black Shark”
Ka-52 (“Hokum B”)
A-50 (“Mainstay”)
Mi-26 helicopters
Topol-M road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile
Buk-2M self-propelled missile systems.
Pantsir-S1 (SA-22 Greyhound)
SS-26 Stone
SS-27 Sickle B
Buk-M2 (SA-6 Gainful)
S-400 “Triumph”
MSTA-S howitzers
парад победы 2015

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This is the parade in Moscow’s Red Square, devoted to the 69th anniversary of the Great Victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War (what the Eastern Front of World War II is called in the former Soviet Union), 9 May, 2015. Giving the commemoration speech is Russian President Vladimir Putin.