Russian military parade marks epic win of WWII battle 75 years on


Russian military parade marks epic win of WWII battle 75 years on
Russia is celebrating the victory of the epic Battle of Stalingrad 75 years on. CGTN brings you a video of President Vladimir Putin attending the military parade in Volgograd. The southern Russian city was called Stalingrad in 1925, after then head of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin.

Military forces and apparatus are on display. Media reports say many of the weapons showcased are currently in service. The Battle of Stalingrad was a turning point in World War Two. More than seven decades ago, the Soviet Red Army surrounded, and would soon destroy, a strong invading German army at the city on the Volga River.

The battle started in the summer of 1942 and lasted more than 200 days, until February of 1943. It was the longest and deadliest standoff of World War II. Russia Today reported that both in the proportion of combatants who died, and in the total numbers of the dead, Stalingrad is one of the bloodiest battles in history. Around two million people are estimated to have died in just six months. 

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