Russian Mil Mi-35M Attack Helicopter [Review]


Russian Mil Mi-35M Attack Helicopter [Review]
The main role of this helicopter is destruction of armored vehicles, enemy troops, UAVs and other helicopters.
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Its secondary role is delivery of troops and special cargo, evacuation of wounded. It can operate at night and in adverse weather conditions.

The #Multirole Mi-35M attack helicopter is a comprehensive modernisation of the Mi-24V.

The #Mi35M was developed by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, and has been series produced at Rostvertol since 2005.

This attack helicopter and is derivatives are in service with Azerbaijan, Brazil, Iraq, Venezuela and possibly some other countries.

Country of origin: Russia
Entered service: 2010
Crew: 2 men

Dimensions and Weight
Length: 17 m
Main rotor diameter: 17 m
Height: 6.5 m
Weight (empty): ~ 8 t
Weight (maximum take off): 11.5 t

Engines and Performance
Engines: 2 x GTD TV3-117VMA turboshafts
Engine power: 2 x 2 200 shp
Maximum speed: 310 km/h
Service ceiling: 5.7 km
Range: 435 km
Ferry range: 1 000 km

Passengers: 8 troops
Internal payload: 2.4 t
External payload: ?

Cannon: two-barrel 23 mm cannon
Missiles: Ataka-V or Shturm-V anti-tank missiles or Igla air-to-air missiles
Other: 57 mm, 80 mm, 130 mm or 240 mm unguided rockets
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