Russian expert: America’s “super-army” program is illusory – modern russian weapons, army, navy, air


Russian expert: America’s “super-army” program is illusory – modern russian weapons, army, navy, air
US special forces are “psychologically exhausted” after more than 15 years of constant warfare, leading to a high proportion of suicides.
According to Sputnik (Russia), this is the statement by US Department of Defense Task Force Commander – General Raymond Thomas when speaking at the US Senate Defense Committee.
The general emphasized that more than 8,000 US special forces are serving in more than 80 countries around the world and leading the war. The constant fighting activities have caused a lot of psychological pressure on them.
Speaking at the Senate Defense Commission, General Thomas said: “We are not a panacea and not the ultimate solution to all problems, and you will not hear it from the we”.
General Raymond Thomas refused to give a specific number of specialists killed himself. “I do not want to give horrific statistics, but we are in pain,” said the American general.
However, according to media data, suicide summit in the US Task Force occurred in 2012 – 24 people. In 2014 (the last year, then the Pentagon no longer published data on this content), there are 18 soldiers committed suicide.
US special forces have contracted with the American Psychiatric Association to develop a number of programs for specialists to help detect and prevent suicides.
There are also other programs, for example, according to media data, the US Special Forces commission wants to create “super warriors” by training the nervous system with the help of Special equipment.
According to military expert Igor Korotchenko, Editor in Chief of Defense magazine (Russia), such a program is illusory…

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