Russia Reveals New Air Defence Artillery System To Replace Shilka


Russia Reveals New Air Defence Artillery System To Replace Shilka
This video shows you that Russia Reveals New Air Defence Artillery System To Replace Shilka.

Russia has revealed that it has developed new air defence artillery to replace the venerable Shilka system.

The new system, whose name was not mentioned, is designed to engage air targets including UAVs, single projectiles of MLRSs, cruise missiles, tactical aircraft, helicopters of fire support as well as ground and surface light-armored targets, the Russian MoD said in a release.

The system can efficiently evade radars.

According to a report by Russia Beyond dated January 14, 2016, the new anti-aircraft system is designed for the use of 57-millimeter anti-aircraft cannon and is being developed as part of a fundamental upgrade to weapons and equipment for the Russian Army.

The report stated that the new unit should be equipped with a telethermal optoelectronic system that ensures the efficient use of the antiaircraft system’s standard weapons. The system should guarantee the destruction of enemy aircraft at a distance of 4-5 miles (6-8 kilometers) and drones at a distance of 2-3 miles (3-5 kilometers).

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