Republic Day Parade 2019: India’s military might you cannot afford to miss


Republic Day Parade 2019: India’s military might you cannot afford to miss
This video shows you that Republic Day Parade 2019: India’s military might you cannot afford to miss.

India’s military might will be on full display at the Republic Day Parade 2019, with some newly-acquired weapons and old war horses strutting down Rajpath in the company of military bands and with attack choppers and fighter jets roaring above in the sky. In November last year, the Indian Army inducted its first howitzers three decades after Bofors guns.The 155mm, 39 calibre ultra-light howitzers have been procured from the US under government to government Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and will be assembled in India by BAE Systems in partnership with Mahindra Defence.

The versatile M777 gun system, with a range of 30 km, is a towed gun that can be lifted by helicopters and service aircraft, thereby providing the much needed flexibility in deployment in various terrains.

The howitzer is currently in service in the US, Canadian, Australian, and several other armies, besides proving its mettle in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Another attraction would be the 155mm 52 calibre tracked, self-propelled K9 Vajra, with a maximum range of 28-38 km.

The machine is capable of firing three rounds in 30 seconds in the “burst” mode, 15 rounds in three minutes in the “intense” mode and 60 rounds in 60 minutes in the “sustained” mode.

It requires five personnel to operate the gun as against eight personnel needed to operate a Bofors gun.

The 155mm gun is also capable of direct firing with a range of one kilometre and would facilitate mechanised operation in desert terrain.

Vajra have been imported from Hanwha Techwin of South Korea in “semi knocked down” state and have been assembled by Larsen & Toubro in India.

Another new entry this year is that of Surface Mine Clearing System (SMCS). The system is mounted on Infantry Combat Vehicle BMP-II and can be detached at convenience.

Indigenously designed by the Bharrat Earth Movers Ltd, the SMCS can clear in a single pass up to 98 per cent anti-personnel and 100 per cent anti-tank mines.

The BMP-II, which can also float on water, will also be displayed separately. Fitted with a 30mm rapid fire cannon and a 7.62mm machine gun, it is capable of destroying tanks and combat helicopters. Its main weapon is the anti-tank guided missile, Konkurs, that can destroy enemy tank up to four kilometres away.

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