Pakistani reacts on indian army” kali 5000 ” defence system


Pakistani reacts on indian army” kali 5000 ” defence system
In this video a pakistani reacts to india’s kali 5000 defence system which is making in india.

What is kali 5000?
The KALI (Kilo Ampere Linear Injector) is a linear electron accelerator|accelerator] being developed in [India] by the “DRDO” or “Defence Research and Development Organisation|Defence Research Development Organization” and the “BARC” or “Bhabha Atomic Research Centre” . It is not a laser weapon as commonly believed. It is designed to work in such a way that if an enemy missile is launched towards Indian direction, it will quickly emit powerful pulses of Relativistic electron beam (REB) and destroy the target. Unlike laser beams, it does not bore a hole in the target but thoroughly damages the on-board electronic systems.

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Scientists say that it can potentially be used as a beam weapon. Bursts of microwaves packed with gigawatts of power produced by this machine, when aimed at enemy missiles and aircraft will cripple their electronic system and computer chips and bring them down right away.

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