Nuclear Deterrence And Pakistan’s Second Strike Capability In Indian Ocean Region


Nuclear Deterrence And Pakistan’s Second Strike Capability In Indian Ocean Region
Nuclear Deterrence And Pakistan’s Second Strike Capability In Indian Ocean Region

To make nuclear deterrence work without any hurdles, states desire invincibility for their nuclear arsenals against the threat of being taken out in first attack massive retaliation from the enemy. Enemy’s lack of ability to wage an aggression is the role assigned to nuclear deterrence. If nuclear arms race between two nuclear belligerents goes on, states strive to keep their deterrence against each other relevant by choosing an option of second strike capability.

Second strike capability allows the state to respond to the nuclear attacker with nuclear retaliation. End of 20th century was marked with nuclearization of two South Asian neighbors. Ever since their nuclearization both India and Pakistan – are constantly involved in nuclear arms race. In this contagious race, both have been pulled into the spiral of developing weapon capabilities in the form of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and ballistic missile defences to Multiple Independently Re-entry Targetable vehicles.

written By Ahyousha Khan
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