Nuclear Arms Race Between Russia And America Will Expose Israeli Plans!


Nuclear Arms Race Between Russia And America Will Expose Israeli Plans!
Calamity Guru:
Sarmat is a very powerful mighty weapon due to it’s characteristics, none, not any anti ballistic missile system is an obstacle for it.
Russia’s military build-up and large-scale drills, often painted in the Western media as preparations for all-out war, are a defensive necessity, he said.
Russia is preparing to defend the Russian homeland, territorial integrity, principles, values, and people.
Russia doesn’t seek a confrontation, unlike the United Snakes of America. Why else would the United States pull out of the [INF] Treaty, increase their nuclear potential, adopt a new nuclear doctrine that lowers the threshold for nuclear weapons use – that’s the question for us all.”
Russia is preparing ‘for war,’ while the US is preparing ‘war.’ and of course, the Ziopigs have a big part to play in this.

A lot of all this is being planned and crafted carefully, about a year ago, I showed you this video, where Netanyahu tells the Rabbi, that he is doing everything possible to harness the coming of their Messiah. Israel isn’t moving much in Syria, due to Russian forces, Russia cannot afford to trigger world war three by attacking the Ziopig state. It has a non confrontational policy.
Part of the prophecies from the torah involves a nuclear war, this is necessary for the messiah to come. They hold the view that, a time will come when peoples eyes will melt out of their eye socket, the prophecies are describing nuclear war.
Some scholars have argued that in the Quran, there is mention of Dukhan, which may point towards mushroom clouds during end times, many have argued this to be a nuclear war. Whatever is happening between Russia and the United States, you can bet any money, that Israel is behind it. You heard the Orthodox Christian sister say, the Palestinian people are the good people and the Yahudis are the oppressors, then why is it that Western Christianity paints the Yahudis as chosen? It’s only reasonable to think, during the end, Jerusalem will become centre stage.