Now, China moves tonnes of military equipment to Tibet. Should India be scared?


Now, China moves tonnes of military equipment to Tibet. Should India be scared?
Now, China moves tonnes of military equipment to Tibet. Should India be scared?

China has moved “tens of thousands of tonnes” of military vehicles and equipment to Tibet, likely under the garb of two defence exercises held on the plateau in recent weeks but perhaps aimed at muscle-flexing amid the Doklam stand-off, said reports today.

The massive beefing up of logistics was not near the Sikkim border but in northern Tibet, near Xinjiang in the west. Beijing can, however, rapidly deploy its logistics to the border through its vast road and rail network in Tibet, with the expressway now extending from Lhasa all the way to Yadong, on China’s side of Nathu La in the Sikkim section. The 700 km distance can be covered in six to seven hours.

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