Most TERRIFYING Military Weapons Ever Made!


Most TERRIFYING Military Weapons Ever Made!
Check out the Most TERRIFYING Military Weapons Ever Made! From incredible futuristic guns to some of the largest scifi weapons, this top 10 list of most interesting weapons in the world today will amaze you!

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11. Assault Shotgun
You know the only thing that makes a shotgun fair in any video game? Close range, and delayed fire. You know what makes an assault rifle fair? Weaker rounds. So, what happens when they combine the two to create an assault gun-shotty hybrid? Pain! And a very unbalanced weapon.

10. Flamethrower
When you think about a flamethrower, which has been around since the beginning of the first century, you may not picture them being used in such a serious manner.
Today they are used to control agricultural overgrowths and to install rubber roofing, but they are also still seen in military combat. After all, they are pretty powerful and can be pretty extreme, just use your imagination.

9. Trench Raiding Club
Over the past couple of years, you may have seen a very similar club known as Lucille pop up all over the internet. Lucille is owned by a very popular character from AMC’s The Walking Dead.
Turns out, this weapon goes way back due to their simple design. Most designs consisted of a simple wooden club with some sort of metal installed at the end.

8. Project X-Ray
If Project X-Ray sounds cool to you, you may also take a liking to the more casual name for this weapon: The Bat Bomb. And I am talking about real bats, like the animal bat.
These guys didn’t get very far, but during World War II, the United States developed what could have been a revolutionary war tactic.

What if Jason Bourne were real? What if the mind-altering techniques described in the books and movies actually happened to real, innocent people. This project is often referred to as the CIA mind control program. Intrigued? You should be!

6. The Gay Bomb
The Gay Bomb. You heard me right. This technique is not known to be fatal, but whoever thought of this was hoping the effects would be just as devastating. Although, it’s hard to see exactly how….anyway, also known as the halitosis bomb, this weapon never moved past just being a theory.

5. The Puke Flashlight
This LED Incapacitator was designed to emit an extremely bright, rapid, and well-focused series of ‘differently-colored random pulses.’ Due to the lack of focus that humans have, this light can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, disorientation, irritability, and visual impairment. It was created to be used by law enforcement officers to incapacitate their target.

4. Active Denial System
The active denial system is the heat ray brought to life. The ADS fires 95 GHz waves at a target and seems to temporarily burn their skin. The waves work much like a microwave, activating the water and fat molecules in the skin and instantly, dielectrically, heating them.

3. The Rods of God
The Rods of God, are also known as kinetic bombardment or a kinetic orbital strike. The name isn’t what makes this weapon so powerful. As of today, the weapon is more of a concept than an actual operational rocket.

2. Boeing YAL-1
Or, more commonly known as the airborne laser, and yes, you probably have seen these in a sci-fi movie. This chemical oxygen iodine laser was mounted in a Boeing aircraft by the U.S. in 2004 and was created to be a missile defense system to destroy the enemy’s tactical ballistic missiles.

1. Chimera Virus
It may sound relatively harmless, and is not your average military weapon. But out of every military weapon ever created, aside from atomic bombs, a scientifically created virus is the most likely to wipe out the entire human race.