Most EXPENSIVE Military Machines!


Most EXPENSIVE Military Machines!
Check out the most expensive military machines! From airforce vehicles to top secret army machines, this top 10 list of expensive military vehicles is amazing!

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8. Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles
Also known as MRAPs for short, these all-terrain vehicles were designed with one thing in mind: protecting the soldiers inside. As the name would suggest, these vehicles are meant to withstand the dangerous IEDs or improvised devices often found out in combat.
They were built with a specialized V-shaped hull underneath designed to deflect blasts and shrapnel away from the vehicle, thus protecting the passengers. All major operating components such as the radiator, engine, transmission, and fuel tank have added ballistic protection as well.
There are currently numerous different models of MRAPs each with their own specialties including a smaller, lighter model and a bulkier model designed for clearing mine paths for convoys. Most models are powered by a Caterpillar C7 diesel engine and feature a roof-mounted for added offensive capabilities.
In 2004, it was reported that of the 300 IED attacks on MRAP vehicles, not a single troop had passed. In the years following, the United States Marine Corps would order tens of thousands more MRAP vehicles in order to replace the Humvees previously used.
The MRAP itself costs over $500,000 depending on the model. It’s estimated that the MRAP program cost the US roughly $48 billion dollars in total.
7. Trident II
As is the case with many types of military equipment it is for single-use only.
Despite the name “Trident II” this is actually part of the fifth generation of strategic system ballistic. It was first deployed in 1990 and was originally expected to have a 25-year service life. However, after proving to be highly accurate and reliable, their life was extended to match the service life of the U.S. Ohio-class and British Vanguard-class submarines they are used and carried on.
The maximum number of Trident that can be carried by a submarine now is 20 onboard an Ohio-class vessel. This is in part because of their massive size. A single Trident II is 44 feet in length and 83 inches in diameter! Weighing in at 130,000 pounds, these are absolutely daunting.
Because of the innovative design of their 3-stage, solid fuel system, the Trident has an effective range of 4,000 nautical miles even when carrying a full payload. Speaking of which, each missile is armed with as many as 14 independently targetable.
Currently, it has the greatest range, payload and accuracy of any generation of its kind. The total cost of the development program for the Trident II is estimated to be nearly $40 billion, with a single item costing $30 million to produce. It is truly a powerful, but expensive investment.
6. V-22 Osprey
It’s not quite a helicopter and it’s not quite an airplane.
With its tilt-rotor mechanism, the V-22 Osprey possesses the versatility to serve a variety of roles in military use. The two rotors are each powered by a Rolls Royce-Allison turboshaft engine allowing it hover, land and takeoff vertically.
Meanwhile, the rotors can also tilt to provide the forward thrust needed for much faster, long range travel; like an airplane. The Osprey has a top speed of 277 mph and can carry up to 24 troops, 20,000 pounds of internal cargo, or 15,000 pounds of external cargo. It can even travel as far as 1,100 miles on a single tank of fuel!
However, that’s not all it’s capable of. It is also equipped with an M2 .50 Cal. and some models were also retrofitted for a remotely operated Gatling turret on the bottom with 360 degree turning capabilities.
These kinds of features and upgrades don’t come cheap, though. A single V-22 Osprey costs close to $70 million dollars to produce, not to mention the $55 billion dollars spent on the program and for research and development.
5. F-35 Lightning II
This multi-purpose fighter jet was designed by Lockheed Martin to replace a series of different outdated fighter and strike aircraft. There are currently 3 primary variants of the F-35 for conventional takeoff and landing, short takeoff and vertical landing, and a carrier ship variant.
As a supersonic fighter jet, the F-35 was also designed with impeccable stealth in mind. Its design allows it to be nearly undetectable by radar and other advanced sensors, making it sneakier than any previous aircraft of its king.

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