#Latest Russia #Military Russian Top Secret Advanced Military Weapons


#Latest Russia #Military Russian Top Secret Advanced Military Weapons
The defence industry of Russia is a strategically important sector and a large employer in Russia. It is also a significant player in the global arms market. Russia is the second largest conventional arms exporter after the United States, with $13.5 billion worth of exports in 2012. Combined, the USA and Russia account for 58% of all major weapons exports.

in Russia’s far east and the Pacific Ocean, involve about 300,000 service members; more than 1,000 planes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles; 36,000 tanks, armoured fighting vehicles and other cars; and up to 80 ships and support vessels.

The nuclear-capable Iskander-M is one of Russia’s hypersonic missile launch system, firing missiles travelling at the velocity of Mach 6 (six times the speed of sound), which are very difficult to defend against or intercept.

As one of the world’s top air defence systems, the S-400 includes missiles with different ranges, from 40km to 400km, and can hit targets from the altitude of 10m to 30km to form a multi-layer full coverage of defence.

Buk M2 air-defence missile
Buk is one of the world’s best mid-range air-defence missiles. Its previous types have been used to shoot down a number of aircraft, including Malaysia Airlines’ MH-17 passenger flight over eastern Ukraine in 2014, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew members on board.

Tupolev Tu-95MC and Tu-22M bombers
First flown in 1952, Tu-95 is the world’s only propeller strategic bomber still active. It carried out a number of important nuclear tests during the cold war, including the dropping and detonation of the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created – the Tsar Bomba. Tu-95’s most recent combat engagement was an air strike mission in Syria in 2015.

Tu-22M was developed as a maritime and strategic bomber and introduced in the 1970s. It was used by the Soviet in combat in Afghanistan and remains the primary combat bomber in the Russian air force, playing an important role in military campaigns in Chechnya, Georgia and Syria.