KALI: Indian Anti Missile & Anti Aircraft WEAPON


KALI: Indian Anti Missile & Anti Aircraft WEAPON
KALI 5000 Developed In india
CaN DESTROY ANY MISSILE Within the range Kali stands for “Kilo Ampere Linear Injector” AND described as “Single Shot Pulsed Gigawatt Electron Accelerators”

Developed in INDIA, by DRDO and the BARC The KALI is not a laser weapon as commonly believed, but is powerful pulses of electrons (Relativistic Electron Beams-REB)

The Weapon Is Designed So That It Can Be Used To Destroy Missiles And Aircrafts Through Soft-kill.

KALI-5000 is India’s answer to any uninvited – incoming missiles and planes.
Moreover, the beam can also be used to cripple the enemy satellite and UAVs in no time.

The system is quite bulky as well, with the KALI-5000 weighing 10 tons, And the KALI-10000 weighing 26 tons.

They are also very power hungry and require a cooling tank of 12,000 liters of oil.
Recharging time is also too LONG to make it as a viable weapon system in its present form.

The KALI’s potential for a military role as a BEAM WEAPON has made it, a threat in the eyes of China.
The KALI-5000 was commissioned for use in late 2004.

However, weaponisation of the KALI will take some time.
The system is still under development. Efforts are being made to make it more compact. As well as improve its recharge time, which, at the present, makes it only a single use system.