Israeli troops in southern Lebanon; army shows weapons purportedly seized in raids


Israeli troops in southern Lebanon; army shows weapons purportedly seized in raids
South Lebanon
1. Wide of tank
2. Soldiers push open tank hatch
3. Various of soldiers in open ground
4. Various soldiers with tanks
5. Soldiers walking
Outside Tel Aviv
6. Wide of arms cache
7. Various of arms cache
Israel’s Security Cabinet on Wednesday approved a wider ground offensive in south Lebanon that was expected to take 30 days as part of a new push to badly damage Hezbollah, said Israeli Cabinet minister Eli Yishai.
The decision comes as Israeli troops continue to carry out military manoeuvres inside southern Lebanon.
Meanwhile, a purported arms cache was displayed to media outside Tel Aviv.
The arms, ranging from assault rifles to rocket propelled grenade launchers, were purportedly seized in raids by Israeli forces in southern Lebanon over the last week.
The were allegedly owned by Hezbollah fighters.
The latest violence began on 12 July after fighters of the Shiite Muslim Hezbollah group, allied with Iran and Syria, captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid.
Israel has retaliated relentlessly with waves of attacks – bombs and missiles – that have destroyed Hezbollah positions and offices in south Lebanon, the Bekaa Valley and Beirut’s southern suburbs.
According to an AP count, 103 Israelis have been killed – 67 of them soldiers; while 689 Lebanese have died – 605 of which were civilians.
The tally was up to the end of Tuesday 8 August 2006.

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