Indian Military Power || 4th Powerful Military of World || 2017


Indian Military Power || 4th Powerful Military of World || 2017
This informative and entertaining video shows Indian military power and Indian armed forces strength. This video is for all those who are interested in knowing defence power of India, military power of India or want to know about Indian military equipment or Indian army equipment. India is a powerful country and has very professional and experienced armed forces. India defence budget is 50 billion dollars and is spending heavily to counter Pakistan and China and is the biggest importer of arms in the world. Indian army is very experienced and has fought three wars with Pakistan and one war with China in 1962.All Indian armed forces like Indian army, air force and navy and also their nuclear missiles are covered in this video. Indian military equipment of different arms is also shown. India ranks fourth in global military power rankings and possess immense global firepower.
Indian military capabilities are increasing at a shocking speed. Military power of India is being discussed in powerful circles of the world today especially Pakistan and China are very much concerned about it.
Year 2017 will see much further advancement and rise in the field of Indian defence power. Now let’s see Indian military capabilities it possess and look into strength of armed forces of India.
India is the fourth largest military power of the world after USA, Russia and China and third largest military of world in terms of active military personnels. Indian military strength stands at 1,320,000 as active military troops and 2,143,000 in reserves.

India Land Power
Let’s have a look into military numbers of Indian land power. India has quantity of around 6,472 tanks, towed artillery guns around 7,502, self propelled artillery guns are 320, they have 6,752 (AFVs) armored fighting vehicles and multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) are 305. India army equipment is bought from different countries of the world mainly Russia. This Indian army power of their ground forces is very strong and technological very advance. India is strongly focusing to further strength its ground forces and improving quality of ground weapons.

India Airpower
Indian military capabilities in airpower are also rising and they are developing their own indigenous aircrafts and they have huge inventory of high technology and advanced aircrafts. India has around 2,150 aircrafts which are fourth largest military aircrafts in world after US, Russia and China. Out of these fighters/interceptors are around 691 and numbers of fixed-wing attack aircrafts are 825.They have total 652 helicopters and out of these attack helicopters are 25. They have also 892 transport aircrafts. Airforce is important part of Indian armed forces which is providing powerful assistance to Indian army and navy in time of war.
Indian military strength in air power is no doubt very strong and formidable and they are now focusing strongly on quality rather than quantity. We can say Indian airforce today possesses global firepower.

India Naval Power
Now look into another important aspect of Indian military power which is naval power. It is believed that the country which rules the waters also rules the world. India has 2 aircraft carriers, 15 frigates, 12 destroyers, submarines strength of 16, 31 numbers of corvettes, 138 numbers of coastal defense craft and 8 mine warfares. Indian military strength of navy is increasing at a very fast pace and in the near future it wants to keep eye on and challenge China and Pakistan in waters.

India Nuclear Power
India possesses around 250 nuclear warheads which have range of around more than 5,000 kms which covers complete area of Pakistan and China. Indian has also anti-missiles system inorder to strike down coming nuclear missiles. It has also developed cruise missiles which can be fired from different platforms like land, air and water. Indian military strength of advanced and long range nuclear technology and missiles defense system makes her powerful and dangerous country in the world. India believes in no first use of nuclear missiles but will use them if their country’s existence will be at stake.

Indian military power and Indian armed forces possess great military strength and war experience to confront any aggression. Indian army strength is increasing at a very fast pace and they are trying to become a global power. They are trying to produce weapons indigenously but so far they have not achieved much success. Indian military forces are also trying to develop anti-satellites missiles. Indian military capabilities are very much advanced and ahead than any other country in the world other than USA, Russia and China. From above information one can imagine how strong is India’s military. This global firepower is the result of intense R&D and a very high defence spending. Military might of India is increasing in the last few years and will be a challenging sign for Pakistan and China in the coming decade.