Indian Army might get Pinaka rockets to counter Pakistan’s mini-nuclear weapons


Indian Army might get Pinaka rockets to counter Pakistan’s mini-nuclear weapons
Indian Army might get Pinaka rockets to counter Pakistan’s mini-nuclear weapons

While Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has again flaunted his country’s tactical nuclear weapons, NDA government sources said India has the option of developing the Pinaka guided rockets to match the mini-nukes of its western neighbour in the battlefield.

Abbasi said in the US this week that his country possesses tactical or battlefield nuclear weapons, which can be used to check the advance of Indian tank regiments as part of New Delhi’s “cold-start war doctrine”. “The Pakistanis have been flaunting their tactical nukes which they have developed with the help of the Chinese. At present, we don’t have these weapons in our arsenal but if asked by the government, we have the option of developing the Pinaka guided rockets for delivering nuclear warheads at small ranges,” government sources told Mail Today.

Written By Ajit Kumar Dubey
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