Indian Army Anti Terrorist Robot (ATR) by MIET GONDIA students


Indian Army Anti Terrorist Robot (ATR) by MIET GONDIA students
This is tribute to Indian Army by Students of MIET Gondia
Presented by:-Ashish Pilare, Bhushan Jakkanwar, Vivek Nakade, Vinod Budhhe
#ATR (Anti Terrorist Robot) Searches the terrorists and shoot them with the help of laser gun and wireless camera.
#ATR works at such condition, where risk of life is more.
#It also work on water with help of propeller
#We can further implement as bomb detector.
#We can further implement as self bomber.

#As the name of our project ATR, that mainly come from ATS(Anti-Terrorist-Squad).This ATS has gave the bravery support to 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack. Thus we are decided to make a such robot and give the name ATR(Anti-Terrorist-Robot).
Our robot ATR, that helps to search any terrorist with wireless camera and shoot them with laser gun. The whole system operates on wireless remote control along with ATR, we also provide a propeller to work in water. ATR can work at any unsuitable condition, unsuitable place where our soldier unable to work properly.
Goal behind the creation of ATR is to giving the homage to our 26/11 soldier, who sacrifices there life for our nation.