Huge Russian Military ”Vostok-2018” Vs. NATO Exercise !


Huge Russian Military ”Vostok-2018” Vs. NATO Exercise !
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Huge Russian Military ”Vostok-2018” Vs. NATO Exercise !

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★ To calm nervous Europeans, the Russian Foreign Ministry reassured everyone that they were not pretending to fight NATO. “In the exercise, the Russian forces playing the role of an opponent never use NATO uniform or weapons or selected English-speaking personnel, contrary to NATO’s frequent practice of using Russian speakers wearing Soviet or Russian uniforms and armed with Russian weapons and equipment to impersonate a likely enemy,” Russia Deputy Defense Minister Colonel General Alexander Fomin said.

Some experts believe that the exercises have been organized to send a message to the west with regards to NATO’s increase of forces along Russia’s western borders. After the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis in 2014, NATO has been significantly expanding its military presence in Eastern Europe, using what it describes as Russian interference in Ukraine as a pretext for building up forces.

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