Good News, Philippines has gained a lot of weapons from Russia


Good News, Philippines has gained a lot of weapons from Russia
Good News, Philippines has gained a lot of weapons from Russia,
The Philippines will not stop buying weapons from Moscow

The Philippines will not stop buying weapons from Moscow, although there is a possibility of pressure from the United States (US). This was revealed by the Philippine Foreign Ministry’s response to Washington’s report likely to impose sanctions on arms deals with Russia.

“I do not think that we will surrender,” Alan Peter Cayetano said in Singapore at his meeting with his Russian colleague Sergei Lavrov.

“This will really test our determination for an independent foreign policy. I do not see us in any doubt of that, “Cayetano stressed as quoted by Russia Today.

The two countries signed a military cooperation agreement last year, and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte personally oversaw the transfer of combat equipment donated by Moscow.

According to the signed agreement, Russia will send anti-tank RPG and military vehicles to the Philippines. The Manila government is also exploring options to buy Russian armored cars, patrol boats, submarines and helicopters.

Not only the Philippines, other countries that expressed interest in buying Russian combat equipment were warned against similar measures and even threatened by the US and its allies. American politicians have been trying to pressure its Turkish NATO ally to abandon plans to acquire Russia’s S-400 air defense missile system, even citing the deal as one of a number of reasons to block the sale of US fighter jets to Ankara. Turkey protested, insisting that as a sovereign country, the country itself determines whose hands to buy.

Washington also warned India not to buy Russian-made S-400, which suggests that the deal would make the US less eager to provide Delhi combat equipment and military technology in the future. India also openly rejects US demands.

In June, French media reported that the same tactics were applied by Saudi Arabian allies to the Gulf state of Qatar, who also expressed interest in acquiring the S-400 from Moscow.

Source: international.sindonews.

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