German LEOPARD 2 vs Russian T 14 ARMATA – Military Tank Comparison


German LEOPARD 2 vs Russian T 14 ARMATA – Military Tank Comparison
German LEOPARD 2 vs Russian T 14 ARMATA – Military Tank Comparison
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German LEOPARD 2 vs Russian T 14 ARMATA – Military Tank Comparison
he chances of Russian and German tanks meeting in some future war in Europe is extremely remote. The Russia’s next generation T 14 Armata could be a formidable threat to Germany’s main battle tank the leopard 2. Although both war machines are hailed as exceptional pieces of military hardware, however one has to come victorious out of battlefield. We thought it would be interesting to compare Germany’s Leopard 2 and Russia’s latest T 14 Armata in this video.

1. Quick Facts
Leopard 2A7 is the latest in a long lineage of German tank designs that started long before World War 2. Developed and built by Krauss Maffei …
On the other hand, operated by crew of 3, T 14 Armata is a formidable looking beast. The tank is equipped with 125-millimeter main gun…

2. Specifications
The production of Leopard 2 A7 started in 2014. 760 units have been built so far, with per unit cost of $ 8.9 m. It holds a crew of 4 people…
The Armata’s production started in 2015. 100 units have been built so far with each unit costing around USD 3.7 million…

3. Crew Survivability & Armor
The Leopard 2 is fitted with composite armour kit. The armour uses new nano ceramics materials, modern titanium and steel alloys…
While Armata’s hull is equipped with a modular armour system made of steel, ceramics and composite materials. The crew capsule …

4. Engine Power & Mobility
The German Leopard 2 is powered by MTU MB 873 diesel engine, which generates a power of 1,500hp. The tank can also …
Whereas, the Russian T-14 Armata is powered by A-85-3A turbocharged diesel engine, which generates a power output of 1,200hp…

5. Firepower
This main battle tank is armed with Rheinmetall 120 mm / L55 smoothbore gun. It has better fire accuracy and longer range, comparing with the previous Leopard 2 tanks…
On the other hand, the Armata is equipped with an unmanned turret and all the crew is located at the front of the hull…

Watch the video

So, which tank do you think would win in a one to one battle, the German Leopard 2 or the Russia’s T 14 Armata? Let us know in the comments! Also be sure to check out our other military videos. As always, don’t forget to subscribe comment and like.
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