Futuristic SCIFI Weapons That Actually EXIST!


Futuristic SCIFI Weapons That Actually EXIST!
Check out these Futuristic SCIFI Weapons That Actually EXIST! From amazing guns from the future like rail guns and laser guns to other futuristic sci-fi technology, this top 10 list of real scifi weapons will amaze you!

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Developed by the U.S. military, the Active Denial System, informally known as the Heat Ray, is a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon designed for area denial, perimeter security, and crowd control. It’s called the ADS for short and works by heating the surface of targets, including human skin.

Besides heat rays of the future, this might also remind you of something straight out of a science fiction movie. A ‘scramjet’ powered aircraft called the X-51A WaveRider has been successfully tested by the American military. During testing, it reached a hypersonic speed of Mach (mawk) 5.1, or 3,913 miles per hour (4,828 km/hr) – that’s over five times the speed of sound!

In 2014, the US Navy deployed its first anti-drone laser for active duty in the Persian Gulf aboard the USS Ponce. Known as the An/Seq-3 Laser Weapon System, it’s intended for use against a variety of targets, from drones to small attack boats, and the commander of the USS Ponce is authorized to use it as he deems necessary.

The MAARS, or Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System, is a small robot tank that was developed by QinetiQ North America. The fully-loaded system weighs 369 pounds and is equipped with sensors, weapons, and ammunition, along with a battery that can last three to 12 hours, as well as a sleep mode that lasts up to a week.

This terrifying, $17,000 piece of technology, known as the TrackingPoint XS1 scope, essentially equips sniper rifles with an automatic aiming system. Using advanced technology, the firearm tags targets; then, it factors in variables like wind speed and movement to calculate the perfect shot before firing.

Before the railgun actually existed, it was a mythical weapon that made frequent appearances in video games and, occasionally, in movies, such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The railgun hurls metal slugs at hypersonic speeds using electromagnets and is considered the future of artillery and small arms.

Researchers are attempting to keep up with the ever-advancing pace of weapons technology. A patent has been issued to aerospace and defense giant Boeing to develop a force field-like system that could protect military vehicles from shockwaves following explosions from missiles or IED’s, or improvised explosive devices.

2. CornerShot Rifle and Grenade Launcher
Despite the seemingly space-age nature of up-and-coming military technology, combat soldiers struggle with the ages-old problem of being able to see and fire weapons around corners. This is an especially prevalent issue when it comes to modern warfare in urban settings.

Once again, the Armatix Digital Revolver resembles something out of a science fiction film, and something like it was actually featured in a James Bond movie. It’s a futuristic pistol designed with safety in mind – it’s equipped with a digital safety mechanism that can only be disabled by a special wristwatch worn by the operator, which sends an unlock signal to the gun once a password is put in and if it is within a certain distance.

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