Enemies of America in FEAR: The U.S. Military’s Next Wonder WEAPON: Suicide Drones


Enemies of America in FEAR: The U.S. Military’s Next Wonder WEAPON: Suicide Drones
Enemies of America in FEAR: The U.S. Military’s Next Wonder WEAPON: Suicide Drones

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To deal with the ridiculous but deadly rise of DIY weapons and bombs in ISIS’s arsenal, U.S. special operators plan on fighting fire with fire — or, in this case, kamikaze drones with kamikaze drones.

In a Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statement submitted to the Department of Defense in 2016 (and first reported by Defense One this month), U.S. Special Operations Command put in a request for $24 million in funding for 325 Lethal Miniature Aerial Missile Systems (LMAMS), precision-guided munitions intended to loiter above a battlefield before dive-bombing their targets below.

According to Defense One, drone manufacturer AeroVironment has already delivered 350 Switchblade drones, a bazooka-launched “miniature flying lethal missile [that] can be operated manually or autonomously” for up to 15 minutes at speeds of nearly 100 mph, to SOCOM for battlefield deployments.

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