China Appears to Have Secretly Sold Pakistan a Large Combat Drone, Says Report


China Appears to Have Secretly Sold Pakistan a Large Combat Drone, Says Report
China Appears to Have Secretly Sold Pakistan a Large Combat Drone, Says Report

China appears to have secretly sold Pakistan a large combat drone, according to new satellite images.

This was first pointed out by the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College. Citing satellite images from November 2017, the Center reported on January 5th that there was a medium-altitude long-endurance drone spotted at the Alam Air Base in Mianwali, Pakistan. “The drone in the image appears to be a Wing Loong I. This assessment is based on its wingspan—which we believe to be around 14 meters— and its V-tail, as well as a comparison with other satellite images of the Wing Loong I elsewhere in the world,” the Center noted in its report. The report was later confirmed by IHS Jane’s, which cited different satellite images taken from the same time.

written by Zachary Keck
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