Chavez Buys Russian Weapons


Chavez Buys Russian Weapons
Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has found a use for his countries
increased oil revenues. The revolutionary leader is reportedly on a shopping spree
for Russian and Chinese military hardware.


Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez arrived in Russia for talks with
President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladamir Putin.

On the agenda: boost trade …and shop for arms, including submarines,
mobile missile systems, and tanks.

Using revenue from record oil prices, the self-styled revolutionary leader
has reportedly been snapping up both Russian and Chinese military hardware.

Russian media sources reported Chavez’s shopping bag included 20 air
defense systems and several diesel-powered submarines….with a price tag of more than one billion dollars.

Upbeat after a cordial reception, Chavez said Russia would be welcome to
deploy military bases in his country.

[Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan President]:
“If Russia’s armed forces want to be present in Venezuela, they
will be given a warm welcome.”

And in an implied slap at the United States, Medvedev cited regional
security as key to its relations with Venezuela – Washington’s main adversary
in the Americas.

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