British Army unveils first driverless vehicles: Titan Strike & Hippo


British Army unveils first driverless vehicles: Titan Strike & Hippo
ROBOT Wars became a reality yesterday as the Army showed off its first unmanned tank.

Titan Strike can be loaded with machine guns, cannon, or rocket launchers and sent ahead of troops to take out the enemy.

Using driverless car technology it can find its own way to a location using cameras to avoid obstacles or can be steered by a squaddie using a remote control.

The weapon system could see the end of the human controlled tank saving lives and millions of pounds – as it costs just 10 per cent.

One Army source said: “This could be the end of the tank.”

Boffins from the MOD and defence industry experts have spent the past month trialling a range of autonomous – self-driven – vehicles which could be used to attack the enemy or resupply our troops.

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