British Armed Forces 2018


British Armed Forces 2018
The Armed Forces of Great Britain.

You want to be an British soldier?
You are ready to serve your country?
Then go to the official side of the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines.

Founded: 1660
Chief of the General Staff: General Mark Carleton-Smith
Commander Field Army: Lieutenant-General Patrick Sanders CBE DSO
Army Sergeant Major: WO1 Glenn Haughton OBE

Military equipment
Service pistols: SIG SAUER P226 (L105A1 & L106A1, L117A1) and Glock 17 (L131A1, L137A1)
Submachine gun: Heckler & Koch MP5 (L91A1, L92A1, L80A1, L90A1)
Shotguns: Benelli M4 Super 90 (L128A1) and Remington 870 (L74A1)
Service rifles: SA80 (L85A2, L85A3, L22A2), Colt Canada C7 (L119A1, L119A2), HK417 (L2A1), M16A2/M203 and L86A2 LSW.
Sniper rifles: L129A1, AW (L118A1
L118A1 AWC), AWM (L115A3), AW50 (L121A1), AI AX50 and Barrett M82 (L135A1 LRPAS).
Light machine gun: FN Minimi (L108A1, L110A2, L110A3
Minimi 7.62)
General-purpose machine gun: FN MAG (L7A2)
Heavy machine gun: Browning M2 (L111A1)
Grenade launchers: GMG (L134A1) and M203.
Anti-tanks: MBT LAW, FGM-148 Javelin, ILAW (AT4), MATADOR (L2A1 ASM) and Starstreak MANPAD.