Britain Gives Saudi Regime With Arms & Weapons


Britain Gives Saudi Regime With Arms & Weapons
~ John Rand ~

UK Gives Saudi Regime With Arms Deals+

UK prime minister defends arms deal…

He arrived with his Defense secretary and British weapons manufacturers.

The agenda of David Cameron’s three day tour to the U-A-E, Oman and Saudi Arabia is clear. Persuade these monarchies to buy 100 Typhoon fighter jets worth £6billion. A boost for British business – and British strategic interests in the region.These trips have become increasingly controversial – and the obvious human rights questions harder to wrangle out of.

But, in Dubai, when asked about the ethics of selling arms to such countries the Prime Minister defended the military deals.

Britain exported weapons to Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya, Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt, and Bahrain just months before they launched violent crackdowns on people.

Bahraini activists in Britain….

Discussions are also under way to turn the Al Minhad airbase near Dubai into a strategic UK military base.

In July parliament told the government it needs to be significantly more cautious in its judgments on the export of arms to authoritarian regimes. But it seems when weighing it up…strategic and economic interests on one hand – and democracy and human rights on the other. British interests will outweigh any other consideration.