BMPT-72 Terminator-2 ⚔️ Russian Heavy AFV


BMPT-72 Terminator-2 ⚔️ Russian Heavy AFV
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The BMPT “Terminator” is a post-Cold war armored fighting vehicle (AFV), designed and manufactured by the Russian company Uralvagonzavod. This vehicle was designed for supporting tanks and other AFVs in urban areas. The BMPT is unofficially named the “Terminator” by the manufacturers. It is heavily armed and armored to survive in urban combat.

Type: Tank support combat vehicle; Missile tank
Place of origin: Russia

In service: 2011–present
Used by: Kazakhstan, Algeria, Russia
Wars: Syrian Civil War

Designer: Ural Transport Engineering Design Bureau
Designed: 1998–2002
Manufacturer: Uralvagonzavod
Produced: 2002–present
Variants: BMPT-72

Weight: 48 t (53 short tons; 47 long tons)
Length: 7.2 m

3.37 m
3.8 m

1.94 m
3.44 m

Crew: 5

Combination of composite armor, reactive armor and steel

Main Armament:
4× 130 mm Ataka-T launchers
2× 30 mm 2A42 autocannons

Secondary Armament:
2× 30 mm AG-17D grenade launchers
1× 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun

V-92S2 diesel engine
1,000 hp (736 kW)

Power/weight: 20.4 hp/tonne
Suspension: Torsion bar
Ground clearance: 406 mm
Fuel capacity: 1,200 L
Operational Range: ≥550 km
Speed: ≥60 km/h