Abhay IFV – All Updates About DRDO Abhay IFV | Indian Army IFV Current Status (Hindi)


Abhay IFV – All Updates About DRDO Abhay IFV | Indian Army IFV Current Status (Hindi)
DRDO Abhya IFV – All Updates About Indian Army’s Abhay an Infantry Combat Vehicle. Development, Specifications, Production, Current Status Of DRDO Abhay IFV & When it will be in service with the Indian Armed Forces.

Abhay (Sanskrit: अभय, “Fearless”) is an Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) being developed in India by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Abhay is being developed as a technology demonstrator for replacing Indian Army BMP-2s. At present, various systems of this vehicle are in advanced stages of development. On 18 November 2013 India conveyed to Russia that they will not shelve their homegrown $10 billion Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) programme in favour of Russian BMP-3 combat vehicles during the meeting of the India-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission on Military Technical Cooperation held in Moscow.

▶ Points Covered :
– What Is DRDO Abhay IFV?
– Development
– Current Status
– Specifications
– Date Of Induction?

Hello Defence Lovers, ‘Defence Talks’ Series ke is episode No. 19 mai humne apko DRDO Abhay IFV ke Development, Specifications, Production, Current Status ke baare mai baataya hai aur isse related Updates ki puri jaankari di hai, Hume Umeed hai ki apko yeh episode pasand ayega.

We have compiled data from the Internet to find out the details about Indian Army’s Infantry Combat Vehicle Abhay IFV. Join us as we take a closer look on All Updates About DRDO Abhay!

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